PAC Youth Art 012

There’s something truly magical about the moment when art makes an impact in someone’s life. It’s an expression that lights up a person’s whole face. Whether it’s an elementary school-aged child who is just learning how to use language, or an adult who hasn’t before had an opportunity to explore art – when they realize that they’ve finally found a way to express how they feel, the same thing happens:They just open up.

We have had the privilege of witnessing these transformations firsthand. Each year, hundreds of children and adults in our community engage with the Petaluma Arts Center where they are instilled with a love of the arts and provided with the creative outlet they have longed for.

The Petaluma Arts Center’s arts education program, which has recently grown to include a robust Visual Thinking Strategy partnership with local schools and community groups, rely upon tax-deductible donations to continue the nonprofit’s overall mission of building community through art.

We have seen the valuable role art plays in our community. That’s why we hope you’ll join us in improving, preserving and empowering the Petaluma Arts Center as an anchor point and crossroads for our community’s artists and art lovers.

Thank you for helping build community through art with a donation to the Petaluma Arts Center.

PAC Tax ID (EIN) is 31-1804169


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