Sheltering in Petaluma

“In ways like no other, Petaluma has come together to get creative in isolation while supporting each other out in the community. This project hopes to amplify the sheltered experiences of our local community during this time, allowing us to look back and remember that, while each of us navigated it differently, we all were in it together.

In this audio exhibition, and in their own voices, participants tell the stories of their lives and how they are reacting to the mandatory shelter orders set in place during the crisis. Each episode is a curated and short selection of those stories. Listen to the daily thoughts, stories, sounds, and hopes of our Petaluma community.” See more.

Sheltering in Petaluma is a new podcast series of curated stories highlighting the unique experiences of Petalumans as they endure the 2020 global COVID-19 Pandemic.

Want to participate? Click the link to share your story.

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We are all in this together.