Current Exhibition

The vision of the Petaluma Arts Center (PAC) is to build our community’s creative capacity. We believe that this exhibition is a catalyst, supercharging that vision. With an eye towards our mission of building community through art, this exhibition is supplemented by tours of the studios of local artists, a speaker/presenter series, workshops, and opportunities to come together in joy and celebration.

Inside the Gallery at PAC

Petaluma to the Playa is about local artists who create for and document Burning Man. When you stand at the front door of the Petaluma Arts Center, imagine seeing half-a-dozen studios within walking distance of Burner artists. Many works of art are visible from the streets. The display of these artists has spilled out of the gallery, into the plaza and into the town. These pieces may be from the design process for large-scale pieces, artworks created for Burning Man, or they may reflect on the history of the festival, or document some of the art and artists involved.

On display is sculptures, maquettes, jewelry, sections of large sculptures, books on Burning Man, journals, costumes created for the festival, and mutant vehicles. Come interact and peruse the remarkable creativity.

Experience Burning Man vicariously from videos and photographs illustrated by seasoned photographers and Burners. Spectators Welcome!

Outside the Gallery at PAC

  • Sculpture: Large sculpture pieces displayed around PAC grounds
  • Mutant Vehicles on display
  • Works of art in-progress

Studio Tours

  • Visit Studios of Petaluma artists near PAC
    • Michael Garlington
    • Reared in Steel
    • Mind Shaft Society

Gallery Hours

  • Wednesday – Friday 10:30AM – 4:30PM
  • Saturday 10:30AM – 9:00PM [extended hours!]
  • Sunday 1:00PM – 4:30PM