PAC Gallery Boutique

PAC Members:  Don’t miss the new opportunity to sell your art at the Petaluma Arts Center!

The Arts Center is busy creating and stocking the new “Gallery Boutique”.  The boutique will be in the small space directly adjacent to the Art “To Go” wall.

Here are the details:

  • We’ll be featuring ceramics, textiles, jewelry and hand-made note cards
  • All work must be created from the submitting artist
  • PAC reserves the right of refusal on all work that is too fragile to be displayed properly and safely

Additional information:

  • Expected opening date:  late this fall
  • Call for art:  NOW. Please submit online in the form below. Follow directions to submit images of artwork.   They will be kept on file and you’ll be notified as to when your pieces can be delivered.
  • Artists receive 60% of sales price of the work

How to participate:

  • Please fill out the Gallery Boutique application below and send image(s) to Please use subject line: “PAC boutique” followed by your LAST NAME.
  • Due to the square footage of the boutique area, a limited amount of work will be accepted and items will be rotated from time to time.
  • This new venture gives PAC another opportunity to engage visitors and support our member artists too.
  • Facilitators are Kathy Crowley, Janet Mc Bean, Sandy Rozmarin and Pat Martin.

The general public and the Petaluma Arts Center look forward to seeing your wonderful art work displayed in the Gallery Boutique! 

STEP TWO: Send image(s) to Please use subject line: “PAC boutique” followed by your LAST NAME.

Questions?  Send an email to,