Frolic! Gala

There’s something magical about the number ten – whether it’s the way we measure memories, commemorate milestones or map out the direction our lives are headed.

Ten has a special power and meaning for the Petaluma Arts Center. 

This year marks a major milestone of 10 years of fulfilling a mission of building community through art. Our three-art mission provides the opportunity to explore and participate in the arts through exhibitions, events and education.

Over the past decade, the Petaluma Arts Center has produced more than 50 professionally curated art exhibitions, attended by over 50,000 gallery visitors. Our arts education program has empowered more than 5,000 students of all ages with hands-on art classes and workshops.

On September 22, we will gather at the intersection of people and art – otherwise known as Lakeville and D Streets in bustling Midtown Petaluma – to celebrate this special milestone.

Frolic! will include inspiring testimonials from Petaluma artists, silent and live auction, raffle, hors d’oeuvres, dinner by Della Fattoria and live music. Proceeds from the Frolic! event will ensure that the Petaluma Arts Center continues to thrive for another decade and beyond. Among other things, financial support helps enable us to offer scholarship to art classes, workshops and school class field trips to students – as well as ensuring and preserving the Petaluma Arts Center as an anchor point and crossroads for our community’s artists and art lovers.