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Taking Flight Presentation and Rope Making Workshop

1/18/2020 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM PT

"Taking Flight represents the metamorphosis of women, as we leave behind what has weakened us.  When we speak up and reunite with who we truly are, we make it possible to connect with our inner strength, spread our wings and take flight." -Nicki Adani

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Artist Nicki Adani received a Burning Man honoraria grant to create her steel installation, ‘Taking Flight’ for Burning Man 2019.  Its message is inspired by the #metoo movement, and is meant to empower women. 
This workshop will include a presentation of Taking Flight’s meaning, as well as its build process, and allow time for Q&A.

Master rope maker Wayne Sanders will guide you through the art of rope making.  Ropes will be made of provided materials, and participants are welcome to bring personal items to be transformed into ropes.  

Making rope symbolizes developing strength, from the raw materials we are given. By leaving behind messages on blank fabric flags, inspired by Tibetan prayer flags, participants will have the opportunity for contemplation, and transformation.  


Ropes created at the PAC can be taken home, or left behind to be included in one of Nicki's future art pieces, to inspire and empower women.

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