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Wild Indigenous Watercolors

Every Thursday starting 08/15/19 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM Until 9/5/2019 PT

Listen to that wild voice inside and come back to your native place of belonging.  It’s the child in you that remembers, that wants to break free of conditioning and constraints. 

Using watercolor and drawing media we will explore without agenda, opening to whatever wants to emerge from the unconscious or stumbles out into spontaneous delight. 

Beginning with somatic meditation we create a safe and nurturing container for creative unfoldment, opening to a full bodied intuitive awareness.

Demo’s in a variety of approaches will be given each week with a different theme or inquiry. We will have time to share our discoveries and use image dialogue to let our creations speak in their own words, giving us unexpected insights. 

You might be surprised at your capacity to find release and renewal by committing to a weekly exploration of your wild creativity.

This class is for artists and non-artists like. No experience necessary.

Fee: $30 members/ $35 nonmember- drop in.                                                          
$110 members/ $120 nonmember series of 4 classes.

There will be mixed media paper on hand with student grade watercolors and w.c. crayons, enough to get started for the neophyte artist. For an optional materials list contact Michael Zieve at


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