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Building Community Through Art.


PAC is dedicated to building our community’s creative capacity by making art an increasingly vital and meaningful part of our public life.

In order to achieve this vision we will:

    • Strive to present innovative, inspiring and meaningful art exhibitions
    • Maintain a sustainable, accessible and inclusive space for community gatherings and for diverse artistic expressions and experiences
    • Enrich Petaluma both culturally and economically
    • Provide artistic and educational opportunities for learners of all ages
    • Foster creativity by embracing new audiences and new ways of seeing the world


The Petaluma Arts Council began in June 1998, as a grassroots effort to acknowledge and celebrate local artists and their contributions and to involve the whole community in appreciation, involvement and recognition of art as an enriching component of our daily lives.

Ten years later—in September 2008—with the support of the City of Petaluma and a particularly generous donor, the Petaluma Arts Council opened the Arts Center, a 4,500 square foot facility located in the historic Railroad Depot Freight Building, next door to the Petaluma Visitors Center.


We are located in the historic train depot on Lakeville between East D and East Washington Streets, adjacent to the Downtown Petaluma SMART train. Entrance to our parking lot is from East Washington across from CVS.
The Ovule Project with Zoë Fry and Dr. Sharifa Krongold: Discussion and Workshop

1/25/2020 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM PT

Artists and Lovers of Art, please join us for an afternoon of exploration.
There is something that can be called feminine in humans of any gender - Female, Male, Trans, Non-Binary, Cis... It is often deep within, covered by the layers of conditioning from our culture and by the patriarchy that impacts us all. This feminine is alive in us. It is: Mysterious, Powerful, Simple, Mundane, Silly, Deep, Undefinable, Strong, Gentle, Fiery, Beautiful - Multifaceted.
For this exploration, we will use Insight practices including Mindfulness, Inquiry, Dyads, and Art to explore our relationship to the feminine. 
All genders are welcome and invited to attend. 
Please bring your favorite creative supplies (paper, paint, notebook, etc.) or you can use our supplies. 
Finished 2D or written work can be submitted to The Ovule Project book if desired. 
This workshop is offered as a Gift. We will accept small donations for supplies used.
The workshop will be facilitated by:
Zoë Fry - Artist and creator of "The Ovule"; bodyworker; and teacher. Zoë has years of experience teaching and facilitating groups.
Dr. Sharifa Krongold - Psychologist; and teacher. Sharifa has years of experience teaching and facilitating groups.

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