Cosmic Terrain

Reception: 2013-04-13, 4:00 to 8:00 pm  |  Open: 2013-04-06  |  Close: 2013-06-02

Cosmic Terrain features Mars-1, Damon Soule and Oliver Vernon, and a large scale mural on the Phoenix Theater by North Bay artist Ricky Watts. 

Exhibition Statement

Our opening reception on April 13 at the Arts Center was fantastic all around – thank you to everyone who came, participated and made it such a success. If you missed the reception or any of our other Cosmic Terrain events, don’t worry! We have more events coming up:

*June 1, 8:00 pm: Cosmic Terrain Closing Party Join us for a special closing party with the artists and DJ Romanowski. Requested $5 minimum donation to help pay for the DJ.


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Mirus Gallery owner Paul Hemming speaks with gallery manager Monica about one of the collaborations featuring Mars-1, Damon Soule, and Oliver Vernon seen in the entry to the Crucible exhibition.

 In the Petaluma Arts Center Galleries

Mars-1, Damon Soule and Oliver Vernon transcend genres and labels with their surreal cosmic landscapes that rhythmically deconstruct and reconstruct our world. Richly detailed elements form and reform into revealing patterns, images, visual poems, and spontaneous narratives.  The Petaluma Arts Center galleries will contain works by the individual artists, including three dimensional works, and a selection of their large scale collaborative canvases.

Compositionally complex, with intricate shapes and geometric patterning, the paintings pulse with life and dimensionality.  Recognizable elements of the natural world such as mass, space, depth, and movement are embraced and transformed by a strong creative spirit leading to a convergence of the celestial with the terrestrial.  This work is a powerful new visual language of the moment.

The Phoenix Mural by Ricky Watts

North Bay resident Ricky Watts grew up painting in and around the alternative music and arts theater now known as the Phoenix. He has a strong base in photo realistic illustration as well as an abstract sweep that moves toward the musical and the magical. He is an arts organizer, bringing groups of painters together to create on a large scale. He recently created a prominent mural for the stage at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco. As part of this exhibition, Watts will create a dynamic mural featuring interlocking waves of color on the massive south wall of the Phoenix Theater, 201 Washington Street. Watts grew up in Petaluma. [Mural painting expected to start March 20th, 2013.]

About the Artists

Collaboration featuring Mars-1, Oliver Vernon, Damon Soule, David Chong Lee, and Nome Edonna – as seen Nov 29, 2012 at the Mirus Gallery – Crucible exhibition.

Longtime friends Mario Mars-1, Oliver Vernon, and Damon Soule have admired each other’s work, shared ideas and created works on a collaborative basis.  Based in San Francisco, they have published three books together: 4 Words (2003), Convergence (2005) and Further (2010). Ricky Watts is a well-known painter based in Sebastopol who has developed a strong body of work blending the “real” and surreal.

Mars-1 on Furtherrr
Oliver Vernon
Damon Soule
Ricky Watts

The exhibition is partially funded by Jean Schulz, Karen and Scott Hess and Anorcase Foundation. Program Partner is Spaulding McCullough & Tansil LLC. Donors include Karen Petersen, Gentry/McNeill Family, Harvey & Janet Charnofsky, Vicky Kumpfer, Jennifer Krasnoff, and Mary Dooley and Chris Lynch – MAD architecture.

Contact Scott Hess for donations to the exhibit707 765-0580 or email me at  Scottatscotthessphotodotcom

You can send us a check or donate on line. 

p.s. Gifts of every amount are appreciated! 
Donors of $100 and more will receive membership for one year, and will be invited to the Sponsors’ preview.
Donors of $250 and more will be named on the Title Wall.

This exhibition is made possible by these generous supporters:
Anorcase Foundation
Karen & Scott Hess
Midstate Construction
Jean Schulz

Harvey & Janet Charnofsky
Gentry/McNeill Family
Vicky Kumpfer
Jennifer Krasnoff
Mary Dooley, Chris Lynch – MAD architecture
Karen Petersen
Juliana Navarro and Jack E. Miller
Ricky Watts

Spaulding McCullough & Tansil LLP
Scott Hess, Exhibition Coordinator

Our grateful appreciation to Brian Chambers and Paul Hemming who generously shared their private art collections.

The Ricky Watts mural project supporters:
P.O.S.T. – Wellness by Design
Kaagen Monroe, Spider Staging
Kickstarter Donors
John Jones and Kristin McMaster
Colin Day
Sean Paul Lorenz
Cody McCoy
Daniel Morehouse

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